Individual Coaching by Georgina

Does “coaching” mean that you are walking around wondering “how do I overcome my blocking beliefs”, probably not. It is more likely that you notice a lack of energy, difficulty in connecting or relating to others, a vague feeling of unease within yourself, frequent jokes at your own expense, or a frustration that life is not all that you know it has the potential to be. Pinpointing your coaching question is what an intake is there for.


At first we will have a conversation. From there we can decide the best approach and whether I can help with that. Being a Body & Mind Language (BML) coach it is to be expected that I prefer working with the body; bodywork. This clip (in Dutch) explains more about BML.  I combine BML with elements from Cognitive behavioral therapy, NLP, The Work, Yoga, Tantra, Mindfulness, EFT, Creative thinking, etc. Mail me with any questions, please.


Let me support you with: stronger self image, positive body image, relationship issues, sensuality, femininity, sexual expression.


I look forward to working with you, Georgina


Join any workshop!


You are very welcome at any of my workshops. You will need a basic knowlegde of Dutch, but I shall accommodate you as much as possible.


My workshops can now be found here (Dutch site)





My approach


Coaching is not about getting advise or anothers opinion, it is being guided to answering your own questions and connecting to your emotions. This can be pretty tricky stuff and it may trigger resistance in your system. That is where my guidance helps.


My style is direct, honest and loving. Your (emotional) safety comes first, because you should feel free to express all your thoughts and feelings freely. Judgements and opinions will be left at the door. This is where we work on your personal approach to healing yourself.


It is fair to say that I do not have a fixed methodology. Our work is created together as we focus on your needs & wishes, our experience and intuition.