Who is Georgina?

Daughter, sister, friend, lover, co-worker. Woman, powerful, direct, vulnerable,  imperfect, funny, sensitive, smart, confrontational, gentle and a little crazy.

This is where I am supposed to tell you what an amazing coach I am. Bullshit!


I am convinced of the beauty and complexity of human nature. Our behaviour may not always align with our believes or character. Challenging this is what I facilitate. Bringing your own answers and insight to the surface. I am no expert on who you should be, you are. I simply have the drive and passion to support you as you explore your own questions.


I studied/am experienced in: Body & Mind Language coaching & training, Humanistic Cognitive Behavioural coaching, Master Trainer, NLP, The Work, Jungian dreamanalysis, EFT, Tantra, Yoga, Singing, Meditation, Mindfulness, Chakras.


No, I am not a member of a branche organisation. In my opinion it offers little guarantee for quality and it certainly has no relation to us being a match. So... Let’s meet!